The image above was made by zooming deep into the spirals of the Mandelbrot Set.

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explore the fractal universe

"the deeper we look, the more we find..."*

*Channel 4 News report,11th July 2007: recent photographs showing the furthest reaches and earliest moments of the universe so far recorded reveal the self-similar and infinitely complex and detailed structures characteristic of fractals.

Below are some links to a range of websites where you can find information and inspiration about fractals and fractal art. They provide a starting point for anyone interested in discovering more about the infinite fractal universe...

What Is a Fractal? And who is this guy Mandelbrot? Alan Beck gives an insight into the nature of fractals in this short introduction to the world of fractal geometry.

Fractal Geometry; The Story of Benoit B. Mandelbrot and the Geometry of Chaos.

Fractals, in Layman's Terms

A link to a page on the web site of  Damien M. Jones , fractal formula writer and artist, giving an accessible introduction to the subject of fractals.

Fractals - The Colors of Infinity

A fascinating video from Arthur C Clarke about the discovery of the Mandelbrot Set and fractal geometry, featuring Benoir Mandelbrot.

Beautiful Math

Another article by Damien Jones, describing for lay readers the mathematical basis of fractal images and art.

Is the universe a fractal?

A link to the introduction to an article in the New Scientist (9th March 2007) which expounds the view emerging in the fields of physics and cosmology that the fabric of the universe is fractal in nature, and that fractal geometry best describes observations which are being made about its behaviour and structure.

The Web of Life

An article by Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., physicist and systems theorist, and author of the book by the same name. In it he describes the new mathematics of complexity, of which Chaos Theory and fractal geometry form important branches.

Because fractal mathematics undelies the forms and structures of the natural world, fractals can be evocative of many forms and patterns found in nature, showing similar patterns and structures on every scale at which they are observed.

The Fractal Foundation

The site of the Fractal Foundation, which runs a practical program to "use the beauty of fractals to educate and inspire people about mathematics, art, science, nature and the lessons of chaos theory".

The Infinite Fractal Loop

The home page of the Infinite Fractal Loop, a web ring dedicated to fractal art.

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